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We are a small company with big dreams. Our mission is to become a truly Direct Trade coffee company. This means travelling to coffee producing countries, meeting with farmers and paying higher prices for good farming practices and better quality coffee. We want to handle the exchange of money ourselves, face to face with the farmers. We want to directly oversee the export and import of our coffees. By cutting out the middle man, we will work to ensure that coffee farm owners and coffee pickers make a better wage. 

This project will unfold over time. Currently we purchase green coffees through Sucafina, a green coffee buyer and distributor. We also have begun to source coffees directly in both Colombia and Costa Rica. We are hoping to receive our first truly Direct Trade coffees in late 2018.

Our priorities are to support small farms, women producers, farms that pay their pickers fairly and those farms that participate in organic and permaculture practices.

Jon Howse

Founder, Green Buyer and Coffee Roaster